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Breaking news! School has started! Everyone probably knows how that goes, less time to work on mods and live leisurely, more time devoted to, well... actual work. I could go on and on about how school is necessary for the survival of history nerds like myself, but maybe it's better if that's left to a ranting blog somewhere else.

In other news, anybody currently watching what I'm doing here on ModDB might be wondering why on earth my newest sounds haven't been available to to hear. (Now that I have your attention, if you actually read the words in parentheses, I would like to say if you really read my blogs and such, go ahead and watch me, you know, with that little button located in the middle of the page and to the right. It's just nice to know who is actually reading this junk.) The reason is that they are top-secret (omgwtfbbq) at the moment, but once the mod has progressed more and actually starts using videos more often, they will be revealed, melting eardrums across the world.

Also, I recently released a resource pack for Minecraft that adds Half-Life 2 Beta Textures to it to allow for grittier and darker looks to your next big building project. Amazing right? Well, to be honest, the hardest thing to make the pack was just the utter amount of textures I had to sift through (anyone who owns the beta can agree with me here) to find the ones that seemed to be able to be used the most. For instance, at one point I considered using the old brown textures for the combine walls and such, but it wasn't really used anywhere else, so that idea got booted. Further refinements may come in the future, but nothing too soon. The map included with the pack is my personal rendition of the Industrial Sector of City 17, an area that was completely cut out of Half-Life 2, even though they had a version ready for E3 in 2002. Basically how I created the map is I took several different versions of the actual beta maps and just picked out ideas that seemed to fit well from each one. Overall, the map took quite a while. Including texturing, the map probably took around 4 or 5 months to get to it's current stage. Of course, there were periods of time where I didn't feel like working (on the stenographer's chasm...yeesh) but those usually didn't last for more than a few days. And the pack is currently updated to 1.6.2 so anyone with an updated game can run it. Have fun!


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