I like Jurassic park movies and i also love remaking the _RES text for carnivores mods. That is why i made a mod dB acount to share all of my awesome carnivores mod patches ideas and also i want to learn how to make dinosaur skins for a carnivores mod that i wanted to make for 3 years now and still dont have the software or the information to create an actrual mod for carnivores.

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Hello Those of you who make mods or help out people who make mods. This is a mod that I would like to create with the help of a development group so this mod can actually be released sometime. there is no due date for when this mod comes out I would just like to know a couple things about modding before we start the process of making this carnivores mod. just so you know I would like to learn about how to make my own .CAR files for in game characters. These are the things I want to do for the mod: 1) Make the .Car files for the dinosaurs and hunter 2) Make the menu Text for every weapon, area, and dinosaur that we made 3) Make the _RES text for you. People who want to help me out or just simply teach me how to do some of this modding stuff please contact me, also I am 13 years old so don't expect me to act like I'm in charge of everything about the mod like the project leader or something just create stuff and we will put it in the mod. Thank you those of you who want to help me make this carnivores mod with me we will decide plans for the mod at mod dB in the comment section of this blog if there even is a comment section.

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Ok Well there wasn't enough room in the blog to type my ideas that I came up with for the Mod so here they are in the comment section.

Name for the mod : Carnivores New Age
DINO1 : Camptosaurus AREA1 : NO IDEAS WEAPON1 : Desert Eagle
DINO2 : Pachycephalosaurus AREA2 : NO IDEAS WEAPON2 : Pump-Action Shotgun
DINO3 : Stegosaurus AREA3 : NO IDEAS WEAPON3 : Colt Python
DINO4 : Velociraptor AREA4 : NO IDEAS WEAPON4 : DB Shotgun
DINO5 : Styracosaurus AREA5 : BOUNUS MAP WEAPON5 : Cross Bow
DINO6 : Utahraptor WEAPON6 : M4 Assault Rifle
DINO7 : Allosaurus WEAPON7 : Sub Machine Gun
DINO8 : Albertosaurus WEAPON8 : TAC-50 Sniper Rifle
DINO9 : Tyrannosaurus-Rex
DINO10 : Spinosaurus

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AidanCarnivoresMods Author

Sorry If the comment full of ideas did not make sense and next time should I put all the ideas on its own separate comment.

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AidanCarnivoresMods Author

also I must say this one thing "It is ever so lonely at my place and you just get into carnivores mods and all that crazy stuff I barely understand.

Things I do understand :

1) How to make the _RES text
2) How to make menu text
3) how to replace skins with dlc that other people make
4) how to give those models new menu text and _RES stats
5) how to make the README text
6) how to rename files

and that is all I know how to do while modding.

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