I am a part time programmer and digital artist from Alberta ,Canada. I got into this after a lifetime of being just a gamer. I started out as just a map maker at the Warlords Keep making maps for Warlords Battlecry 2. I built a huge MOD for Warlords Battlecry 3 and now I just released my first indie title "Amazing Ants"

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In my last blog I talked about how modding help me develop the ability to make Amazing Ants. In this blog I will talk about the beginning of the project.

Ant Warfare to A-Mazing Ants

Working on the 1035 Mod I got a case of modders block where I couldn't think of anything to add to my mod and I lacked the ambition to work on anything relating to it. So it was I got myself a copy of Game Maker and began work on what was to be a remake of the original board game.
But rather than go the difficult route I decided to make something a little easier to begin with so I started a maze game. At first I just tinkered around with it my sprites were not so great the midi music I had was horrible at one point I had a midi of Alice Deejays "Better Off Alone" in the background.
The game was originally called Ant Warfare but I realized it wasn't the original so I thought of Mazing Ants then I kind of imagined a southerner saying "those ants there are a mazing" so I added the A with a hyphen.
But by March of 2011 though I removed all midi music and improved the sprites and completed the Black Ant Story which is the original mazes. So when playing through the game you are doing as I did you see I just had a starting point. I would add stuff as I went and increased the difficulty of the mazes as I went.
When the snow melted I shelved work till October of 2011 at that point I wasn't sure I would even release this game.
Thank you for reading my blog as the next blog I will wrap this series up.

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