I am a part time programmer and digital artist from Alberta ,Canada. I got into this after a lifetime of being just a gamer. I started out as just a map maker at the Warlords Keep making maps for Warlords Battlecry 2. I built a huge MOD for Warlords Battlecry 3 and now I just released my first indie title "Amazing Ants"

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In the last blog I talked about the influence 80's video games had on this project. In this blog I will tell you how board games had an influence as well.

The game Ant Warfare is made

The long winters here seem shorter thanks to board games. Growing up we played all the standards Monopoly, Chess, and Scrabble (what we would call squabble). When I reached high school my social studies teacher introduced us to the Avalon Hill games Diplomacy, Panzer Blitz and Rise And Decline Of The Third Reich. A group of us students formed a War Games club and we got the school to give us our own room that was like an old storage room. Every lunch hour we would go to our room and wage war.
Some of us would bring our own games from home and it was this one occasion that one of my classmates brought this mini table top game. The game consisted on two players one player "The Attacker" and the other player "The Defender". The Attacker had waves of spaceships and would attack the Defender who was just a big space base with turrets that would fire on the space ships. The object of the game was for the Attacker to destroy a power generator that was hidden somewhere on the board and the Defender was to destroy every last spaceship to win.
While playing this game I couldn't help but think of my childhood game of carrying red ants across the yard in an ice cream pale and dumping them on a black ant hill.
So it was I created Ant Warfare a board game with waves of ants attacking an anthill. The Defender no longer had a static defence but a moving army of ants. These ants emerged from what I dubbed Launchers. Ants could build tunnel blocks and the Attackers mission was to kill the Queen Ant.

Amazing Ants is based on Ant Warfare

All the concepts from the board game were applied to Amazing Ants. In Amazing Ants there are Launchers where ants emerge. Your ant can build tunnel blocks strategically and killing the enemies queen ant means victory.
Thank you for reading my blogs make sure to visit my homepage at Belowzerogames.ca

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