I'm a young game developer, I used to spend my time making games with the scratch programming language, then I found DB and I was hooked, I currently have a game in production. Once that is done, I plan on making a 3d version of a game I made on scratch! I am also working on an ORPG!! If you add me on steam with the screen name I have listed I will show up as ಠ_ಠ!

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There is an issue with development

The game development is going well... There is an issue though, I'm still a student in primary schooling and the states standardized testing begins tomorrow... Game dev. may be postponed for a week or two until the tests are over, anyways, if I can ill release another development video iv'e been working on... Any how, this game may be available on Linux and Mac! I have found a way to make it so i can upload map packs for you(the user) to add to the game!!, but you will have to have DarkBasicPro to add the script and compile it... Any how, U guys got any suggestions for mazes?(you guys can draw them up in paint or photoshop then email them to me Anasion.theone@gmail.com)

So, What do you expect from the game? You can see a short preview on the video i posted in the games video gallery! go look! post in the comments on what you think about it!

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