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Hello, everyone! welcome to the future! hey technically were all time travelers but only going forward one day at a time! it's been about 8 years since I started posting here and with each update I've brought about some progress in my life and made these posts a little personal. It's mostly about my favorite games and what I'm looking forward to but also life. Last year was the first update I've made in quite a while, but I'm grateful MODDB still features this archaic blogging section for users like me. :) Currently, I'm 27 years old and just began my graduate program last Fall 2017 like I planned. I'm in a masters program in the field of sustainability which is pretty cool because I can separate my career of making a difference in the real world and hobbies like games for relaxing! that's not to put down developers. I think they are very important which is why I support them and purchase games to relax and enjoy the ride. :) I would like to mention that games were the medium that pushed me to my current field. Games like Final Fantasy 7 with Avalanche, the environmental activist group protesting the mighty corporation Shinra, extracting worldly energy resources, sucking life out of the planet. Games like Portal and HL2 making SCIENCE badass with insane theories and doohickeys that will probably exist in real life in the near future. Games like Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland, making agriculture fun and cute. Games like Persona 3+ making school and clubs look cool and interesting while battling demons at night. Tangent time: That reminds me! I got a ps4 last July I KNOW HELL ITS ABOUT TIME! AS DUKE NUKEM WOULD SAY! I only mention that because Persona reminded me to pick up the latest in the series Persona 5 ;). Tangent done! I feel like my favorite series are growing right along my side and that is a blessing to experience. Game devs are magicians. They suspend you in disbelief as you embody their characters and stories. Afterall, what is life but full of characters and stories that you shape on your own?

Anyway of course mentioning Final Fantasy 7, and hopefully the REMAKE ON PS4 THAT COMES OUT THIS YEAR! I would like to talk about what games I'm excited to see that have been announced and are coming soon to a console or PC near you! (also being a single grad student does help cut some expenses of having a S.O. to spend fun monies on games instead of expensive outings) after all if I really wanted an S.O. I could get one after I'm financially responsible or chasing my dreams of a PhD with some funding because Grad School COUNTS AS A JOB AND DON'T LET OTHERS TELL YOU OTHERWISE).

Anyways.. GAMES! YES games to fill the void (and enjoy with my Player 2 eventually!)

Looking forward to GEARBOX helping to finish up WE HAPPY FEW (PC)! I've had it on steam early access for about a year but won't touch it till its done baking in the proverbial oven.

I think MONSTER HUNTER WORLD (PS4) looks really cool! can't wait to chase and be chased by monsters while zipping around like a survey corps member in Attack On Titan!

Also looking forward to God of War (PS4) I haven't played the others in the series but this looks good as a mature gamer (ha!) I have the right to play it and enjoy it without judgment!

What about computer games? honestly I haven't been able to keep up much because I need to update my machines processor and graphics card, and hard drives possibly. A bit of a pricey hassle but it would allow on smoother game play for my recent purchases such as Planet Coaster and Cities: Skylines.

I have also gamed on iPad Pro recently, hey as an aging 20something gamer, a little tablet gaming won't hurt my future serious gaming habits lol. I've played some indie stuff like Flower, Lego Jurassic Park which plays like a classic platformer! and some Ridge Racer for my racing fix.

Honestly I need a good racing game recommendation on ps4 or pc.

You know, I may update more than just once this year, depending... don't hold your breath dear reader but enjoy GAMES! :)


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