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How'd I describe myself? Poor high school student, who has spent a little too much time with computer. Other things I enjoy doing are: Party with friends, listening to music and draw. Remember kids, Potatoes are the most dangerous drug out there!

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Yay! Finally it's weekend. And for reward of my studying I'm gonna spend this well earned weekend for games. Sad I don't have any online-money so I can't buy Amnesia: Dark Descent from here, Desura. What makes it sad is the -75% discount. :(

Well, I have downloaded some freeware games, so I'll just try to beat them. :) Savage seems pretty cool. Have to say, one of the games which runs perfectly on my computer. I haven't tested some games yet, like Renegade X. I think it is not gonna run very smoothly.

Off the desura, if nothing else, I'll update my SCP: Containment Breach and try to play that without making my pants go brown. Nothing has ever scared me as much as that game. Random maps makes sure I can't know whats coming and about the idea of that doll-ish creature, that you can't look away from it, gives me chill.

Oh, and at last, I got little motivation/idea today on the way to the bus station. I thought about continuing my project. Sad that it's halloween now so I can't release any alpha on halloween. Fffuu.

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