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How'd I describe myself? Poor high school student, who has spent a little too much time with computer. Other things I enjoy doing are: Party with friends, listening to music and draw. Remember kids, Potatoes are the most dangerous drug out there!

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Here we go again!

I've spent great time with my friends, my new girlfriend, my partners and with my newest project. I'll introduce that project to you. Anyone reading, please post your opinions ASAP.

I'm thinking of naming my project New Atropos. Little backstory about the game;
Moirai Techs is a big company developing weaponry and machinery to be used by military. They are testing their newest patent, "New Atropos" -named android. Android is advanced in every way.

So basically; You are that android in a testing facility, you jump through the levels and try to survive. To give you more fun with this, the difficulty has made so high that even a developer (me) is having hard time not to rip his pants off. Oh and whats more, there is a timer and android doesn't have any weaponry or form of attack on early stages.

What I have made so far and what is on to-do list?
-Engine is complete, 3D platform engine with turrets, elevators and buttons
-I have a lot of textures and models ready (well, I have one guy creating the models for me)
-Level design is on a good way, already 10 levels waiting for their final judgement

-Moar levels, I'll have total of 25 levels
-Sounds, I haven't found any slave willing to make music and soundeffects for me. :c
-Moar content; textures and models!!

Oh, and I haven't decided; should I publish this as a freeware or should I sell this with cost of 3$ (or something like that)

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