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Some years ago I wanted to develop a game with a complex story and deep dialogue but ended up developing a tool called Chat Mapper instead. Now I am finally returning to my vision and need some help to bring it to reality.

First, a little about the theme and gameplay. This game will be a single-player sci-fi adventure and is highly story-driven. The gameplay will be tightly coupled to the story with character development and very difficult decisions along the way... think Life is Strange and Detroit: Become Human as recent industry examples. Meaningful tile-based minigames will be played between story elements. Trion Tiles represent all key characters in the game and are used to play out story situations, terraform planets, and hack into enemy databases.

Note: We will expect that all team members work in their spare time. However, we are looking only for serious applicants who can dedicate some time on the side to complete the prototype.

What's the plan?

  1. Quickly (4-6 months) develop a prototype demonstrating all key elements of the game
  2. If we all agree it's fun, raise crowdfunding money and/or publisher funding
  3. Keep the team small (3-5 people) and get it done in another 6-12 months
  4. Profit

What is our starting point?

  • Many years of thoughts and ideas
  • Story synopsis and high-level game design document
  • Fledgling game prototype developed in UE4

What do I bring the the table?

  • A huge passion for video games and desire to get something done quickly
  • Proven track record in software engineering and project management
  • Will handle all things technical and business related

What do I need?

  • Currently we are in need of a writer who can tackle dialogue and has experience with screenplays
  • I don't expect full time support but for sure a passion and dedication to get things right

What am I offering?

  • Initially unpaid but open to some number of paid hours if you really need them
  • Small salary payment upon successful crowdfunding or publisher funding
  • Share of all revenue made by the game after release (this is why I think a small team is important)

To Apply

Please send a note to or apply at

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