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Hello, fellow guys. ThomasARSman Here. I'm developing the game on Fusion 2.5, Called "Crack" which originally was to be released between 1994 and 1995. (Which the original creator didn't composed at tall). So, My recent works are:
-Super Robotnik Land: 10th anniversary edition (Original by Dezzan from 2008)
-Crack The Original (Must have 90s PS1 Vibes)
-Project Crash 2D (A some Kinda Crash Game in 2D)
-Project Mythical Hat (a Possible Cute-as-Heck sequel that would set in the fantasy, mythical world)
-Project Outback 2018 (The Title that sets place in Planet Avalince somwhere in Outback regions)

So, the Music style was to be a game music from early 90s and Mid-90s such I've loved these games around the 90s like Rayman, Sonic or Jazz. So we'll you pick up soon while I'm busy making at others of mine.... So. that's long I suppose to think um, It's kinda Genesis Music, SNES or Playstation of course and Amiga.

Well, I'm only making the sounds for the games to get the flashback efect for my games that never released before our present day....

So anyway. I need to hire you for something else or elese I'll give that chinese guy whiped in the ass. To compose the music for the my game.

May I think I would hear the Vibe from PS1 Games, So?

We look forward to working with you and can't wait to hear your ideas, see your work, and bring your creativity to the gaming audience as a whole!

Thank you for your time. We hope to hear from you soon!

NOTE: If the net neutrality shuts down, I rather need a British or other than american.

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