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Thank you for taking the time to check!

After a long time deliberating and many, many frustrated attempts to tackle on the project solo, I have to accept the reality that I can't do this alone - both for my lack of expertise in coding and music, and my own hardware being inadequate. Therefore I'm seeking programmers and composers willing to contribute to a project about bringing back an old game from digital oblivion.

Q: What's this about?
A: Imagine your favorite game, one that you always loved and had a huge impact on your life; then imagine said game absolutely refused to work on anything newer than Windows 98, and there are no emulators for it, nor any workaround runs satisfactorily. Also imagine that trying to reach its creators to at least thank them for their work also resulted in absolutely nothing.

That has been my experience with "Evolution - The Game of Intelligent Life", a 1997 where players control 160+ creatures, ranging from the earliest land-dwellers to dinosaurs and modern animals, fightng for survival against each other and the ever-changing planet itselft in the span of 360 million years.

I seek to not only recreate it to bring it for everyone in newer systerms, but to update its scientific content and expand on the concept as well. But to do so I need people willing to help me on the fields I lack expertise in, namely programming and composing.

Q: Alright then, tell me more about this game.

A: The game itself is less of a simulator and more of a strategy game: either playing solo or against up to 5 enemy AI (it used to support multiplayer as well), you must evolve your creatures to better adapt to new regions and overcome the global changes with each geological era, such as continental shifts, mass extinctions and rival player's creatures.

Each creature has its favored biomes, temperature, and era they best thrive in, and as they flourish they multiply and you can send them to expand to new territories, and each has multiple options for evolving. You allocate evolution points to evolve your creature into another that has better adaptability, or can explore new types of regions, different temperatures, and some that are predators, capable of attacking your enemies and drive them out of your territories.

The ultimate goal of the original game is to eventually evolve into one of the 5 intelligent species - apart from humans there are speculative species such as Saurosapiens, evolved from Velociraptors, and Elephasapiens, evolved from elephants. Once you evolved them the game ends and the player that controlled them receive 50% of their score and win (it was the 90s, scores still meant something). Frankly I just liked seeing all the different kinds of creatures that could be obtained and seeing how long I could keep them as the eras changed.

Q: So what's the plan?

A: As mentioned, the game's major issue is that it just doesn't work on any modern OS. So far I only managed to KIND OF run it on a virtual Windows XP, moving at the speed of bricks, and I have the original demo that, while running at normal speed, crashes at random. Also none of my attempts to mod the files worked, so it's definitely going to need to be replicated. The first order of business would be to recreate the base of the game with its mechanics and rules, then proceed to expanding and overhauling.

  • The programmer would be responsible to code the game and its mechanics, staying as faithful as possible to the original (as needed) while also optimizing some of its clunkier aspects. It's also important coming up with a way to facilitate adding creatures, as I intend to expand it quite a lot.
  • The composer would be tasked to revitalize and expand the soundtrack; the original game has 5 BGMs, as well as some shorter ones for cutscenes. For this project I aim for at least 10 tracks, each around 5 minutes long.
  • I myself am well-versed in visual arts, so I'm able to model, texture, animate, and transform into 2D sprites all of the creatures and the world objects, as well as making the UI elements no problem.

Please note that this is NOT aiming to be a super epic AAA game: my only desire with this project is to revive something that was quite dear to me and others that miss the game. There are no plans at the moment to make it into a commercial game, I seek volunteers that are willing and able to contribute in their spare time - any help is appreciated!

Thank you for your attention!

To Apply

If you're interested in helping with project, please send me an e-mail at, stating your field of expertise - please note that I'm looking for volunteers, as I have no plans at the moment to make it a commercial game.

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