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Audio/Music located Anywhere.

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So anyway, there's a one last thing that I forgot this day... is the VOICE! I've mentioned about this if you'd like to read this article:

I guess this won't be harder, but anyway. Please use your microphone that what they use for Radio and Audio Dubbing. I'm very scared of your child voice that is being making my ears blow up. That's right then, You if you want to voice, please first upload your demo, Right there I'll just check that is really hard or not to understand.

That's so anyway good... also I'm writting scripts or you also you want to wrote the quotes for your voice acting. But of course, this is the pre-alpha project so, this Game would include full voice acting.

But now, Let's talk about some international dub. Crack would have English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian and Polish. Or sometimes I'd like to say... Japanese. If you know these languages, don't make it into Engrish or else. Because your tongue will tie forever now!

Sorry about that, I don't have a company. I just have a group made in my home, SO DON'T COME IN! if you wish stay here in your home.

So... What could possibly go wrong, eh?

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