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Public Relations located Anywhere.

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I need a good programmer to help me code a FPS game that I'm making I will not ask for much just ask you to make a code every time i need one. Once the game is done you will get the game but I will also need help when updating the game but not as much because it will not be on full speed id just take a break, sit and watch the downloads climb.

Game Description: You wake up after ten years in cryo sleep in facility 51. When you wake up you find a chilling secret about the place you went to sleep in. after you escape you find the world in a almost apocalyptic state with things crawling and walking the earth now you must find the source of the horde.

Extra Details: In the job to send me the script just email me the script and tell me if its C Sharp or JavaScript.

Note: this section is just here because i cant send this thing in unless i have 1000 words and all i could come up with is game Desc., job details and Extra details but because of this 1000 minimum i must write this to note you its 1000.

To Apply

Send a email to and send me a working shooting gun script with full details on how to set it up in unity and if it works your hired.

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