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We are looking for a talented game programmer who can work with us in our San Diego office. Unity experience is desirable, but not absolutely required, however, you absolutely must have game development experience under your belt.

What we are looking for:

  • Several years of game development experience in an engineering role. Professional experience preferred, but not required. Lack of professional experience must be supplemented by sufficiently impressive personal projects that demonstrate your skills as a programmer. We understand that programmers are not artists, so please show us your projects that best demonstrate your programming skills.
  • A BS/BA in Computer Science is desirable
  • Must be available to work with us in-office M-F in Miramar, San Diego, California

Please include in your application:

  • A resume detailing work experience, education, personal projects and any other information that may help us evaluate your skills. Please explain what your specific contributions were to any projects you list
  • A portfolio or demo reel showing off any relevant past work
  • Any other information that may help us evaluate you such as links to personal websites, LinkedIn, and code repositories.

You don’t need to include a cover letter, and should avoid nonspecific statements in your resume such as “I’m a great team player”.Please send your applications to us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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