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Indie game developer Phoenix is working on its first game, Untold Stories of WW2, a multiplayer fps game which takes the players back to WW2. Players can create their own character, black white male or female, we wish to succeed where others failed which is deliver a war like experience. And ofcourse untold stories of that time, stories are told in each level. Each level contains a secret, that secret tells a story and the story contains a piece of a puzzle. Find all pieces and you will receive a special reward! We do not believe in weird skins on weapons, the game should be as ww2 was. Weapons from that time, clothes from that time. Level up, earn points, buy new weapons or clothes and go for victory. The group is currently rather small. We have 4 people working on it and we already have a multiplayer base with AI. Now we would like you on our team, you'll have the opportunity to make a great game, gain a massive boost on your cv if you do not wish to stay with us. But most importantly you'll have fun!

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Send a well written mail to matthias(at) or message me on discord LifeCoder#0001 and attach some of your previous work.

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