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What will I be doing?

You will be leading the main architectural programming of the Medieval Politics whilst managing and other programmers within the company, ensuring goals are met.

You will also ensure that the code is clean and comprehensible for the rest of your team.

Such programming systems include;
-Voxel based terrain
-Animal AI
-Block based building systems
-Intricate combat systems
-Area control systems

You will implement the systems and structures created by other programmers and assets created by the designers.
You are the 'joiner' and a key member within the team.

Your main role will be the enabling of the multiplayer capability, allowing up to 250 players to interact seamlessly and smoothly within the same environment.

However, this does not mean you will be void to input ideas and let your creative side loose within design meetings and day to day programming.

You must;

-Be proficient in C# programming and the Unreal Engine
-Be proficient in C+ etc. programming
-Be good with people management
-Have an attention to detail
-Be organised
-Work well within a team and to deadlines

Please send examples of past work when possible.

A 15% stake in Ivory Studios and all it's subsequent profits while under employment, dropping to a 7% stake upon departure from Ivory Studios (If you choose to depart).

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