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Audio/Music located Anywhere.

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What you’ll do:
Audio is one of the most vital-- and also sadly, one of the most ignored-- aspects of game development. When it's working as intended, it blends in so seamlessly that players won't notice. But when it's not-- well, have you ever tried playing an action game on mute? Boring as heck! We're looking for someone who can make our gunshots sound authentic, ensure our dialog is all normalized, and maybe toss in some smooth jazz on the radio.

PSR Digital is looking to fill this role for Peer Review, a reimagining of Half-Life: Decay.

Please note that due to the licensing terms of Valve's Source SDK, we are unable to release our project commercially, which means we have no way of recouping any costs associated with the project, including compensation for your work. As such, this is a volunteer position only.

Who you are:
• An enthusiastic, friendly developer who is willing to work with a team
• Able to read and write fluent English
• Someone with a suitable amount of free time willing to be dedicated to the project (this is flexible and vague, but we don’t want anyone just kind of popping in only once every month or so!)
• Willing and able to effectively give and receive constructive feedback
• Have access to an internet connection stable and fast enough for frequent uploads and downloads
• A skilled artist or engineer with plenty of experience creating a variety of audio
• Owner of a suitable DAW and recording equipment
• Capable of recording high quality audio for foley or composition purposes
• Capable of mixing and mastering music tracks

• Prior experience implementing in the Source Engine is preferred, but not required

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