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Infinity Ward is looking for a senior level, Single-Player Gameplay Designer on some of the best-selling and most critically acclaimed shooters of all time.

+Create compelling and immersive gameplay with memorable and impactful moments.

+Use your technical background for problem solving, systems creation and scripting unique scenarios.

+Work with a flexible C-style scripting language to realize your designs.

+Computer Science (CS) Degree or shipped AAA scripting or gameplay programming experience.

+Creative with the ability to communicate your ideas. As a Designer, you’re expected to be in front of the studio to sell your ideas.

+Serious passion for games. Whether you enjoy an FPS or a board game you should be able to break down and articulate their strengths and weaknesses.

+Collaborate with and motivate your peers to create innovative and inspiring gameplay.

+Ability to take feedback from Lead Designers to iterate and improve your designs.

+Comfortable directing input with other disciplines such as Art, Animation, Audio and Narrative.

+Know our games: know why they’re good, why they’re bad and how you will make them better.

+Be confident and articulate; if you’re passionate about joining Infinity Ward, prove it to us.

To Apply

Please provide samples of your work – screenshots or links to videos with your application. We are looking for playable examples of finished shooter levels or mods.

Apply online on our careers page:

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