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Hello, and thank you for taking a look at our AD.

We're TicklishElk Or TicklishElk Games. We're a small, Motley crew of Indie developers looking to make a stride in the video game industry.

We're currently in search of an artist that we feel will make a grand addition to our team.

If you feel you're the correct person for this job, we'd love for you to fill out and email us the following criteria:

1. A resume and portfolio that will allow us to visualize your artistic style and see if it fits with our current vision of the games. (Even if it isn't, that does not mean that we're not willing to change our vision.)

2. How often do you believe you'll be able to devote your artistic expertise to our project?

3.why do you believe that you're the correct candidate for this project and to join our team?

4. Are you familiar with 2D and 3D graphical design? What programs have you used that you feel will make your designs even more appealing visually?

5. Do you play any games yourself? If yes, please state which ones you're currently playing, and your favourite.

Thank you so much very much for looking at and considering responding to our AD. Regardless if you contact us or not, We're truly grateful.

To Apply

If you'd like to apply, Please send an email with your resume and portfolio to Thank you again!

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