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I'm looking for a person to collaborate with to create a fan-made pokemon game/mod that allows players to go to every region in the series. While I've seen this concept attempted a few times, I have yet to see it completed.

This project is still very early in development, as I've been working by myself to gather resources, find, edit, and create sprite sheets. Currently, using custom maps and free assets found online, I have remapped all of Kanto and a small portion of Johto. Scripted events, trainers, etc have not yet been added, though wild encounters have been.

This has been done in the Game Maker XP engine using pokemon essentials files from prior to it being discontinued. Due to Nintendo being fairly protective of their IPs, my plan was to keep the development of the game/mod fairly quiet and not release or show anything until the game is nearly completed so that we don't get shut down.

As a result, my only requirements are that you:
A) legally own RPG Maker XP;
B) Can produce the scripting needed to help create the game story, trainer battles, and gameplay additions (previous work on a pokemon fan game is huge);
C) are interested in working closely with me in your free time (I'd probably look to work with you to create some sort of sprint-like schedule so each week I have to create X number of maps or sprites and you need to make sure connections, metadata, trainers, etc work where required);
D) Speak and read English

I do want to make this explicitly clear that we will never earn money on this game. When we release, it will be for free for anyone. We will not accept any donations either. This will only be a passion project that we can use for our portfolios.

I fully expect that this project will take a while to complete, and I'm open to creating a larger development team for it, but for right now I was just looking for a single partner to help me in your free time.

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