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This job post is for a Community Manager for INT. INT is an indie RPG currently under development. We are looking for a Community Manger to join our team to help with fostering and building public relations, brand management, social media (including facebook) engagement and growth. Additionally, this position will be asked to build community relations, industry connections, and a Press Kit.

Public Relations Manager Job Duties:

- Report to the Web/Marketing Admin and Project Lead
- Social Media Management: Reddit, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
- Manage Indie Video Game outlets including: Steam Concept Page, Indiedb Page
- Provide a detailed weekly report or presentation regarding analytics and engagement on Project Management boards and a meeting with Web/Marketing Admin and Project lead.
- Create a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly update with content for our community.
- Run and manage a podcast development team entitled Rogue Space with one planned episode every 4-6 weeks.
- Work on creating a Press Kit for final demo launch and establish/maintain industry press connections for game promotion.


- Knowledge of Social Media Analytics and Tools
- Knowledge and use of Social Media
- Background in Communications or the Game Industry
- Willing to take direction from Web/Marketing Admin and Project Lead
- Willing to work in a team environment and hierarchy

To Apply

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