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Posted by cedesdcc on

Hello, I am Cedes and I'm looking for a game programmer with knowledge in Ren'Py or Python. The engine I'm using will be Ren'py, which can port Python code. There's a link for it

Sadly I am not able to offer paid positions at this time.

Requirements //
-Available to talk through email or other messaging system
-Open to discussion and feedback on all work
-Work in Progresses on whatever you're working on would be awesome, but status updates can work just as well.

We have a discord channel set up, to help everyone communicate. If this is an issue, we can discuss just through email.

If you have no experience in Ren'py or Python, you can still apply, if you're willing to learn more about either one by either learning from others or reading up on the systems. Please state how much experience you have with both.

GAME Summary //

I started working on this game a while back but ran into too much difficulty with the programming. It's basically a traveling merchant, set in a medieval based world (not very historical accurate) with lots of original fantasy elements.

-Map & Traveling System
I have a rough map idea drawn out, and ideas on ways of travel.

-Alchemy System
this would be more of the complex systems, as it's the main money maker for the merchant.

bartering and making deals with customers. Will both buy, sell, and bargain for items

-Battle System
Basic Battles, main character and 2-3 allies versus 1-5 enemies. This does not need to be as complex as alchemy or travel, perhaps fast paced as well.

Survival System
I expect the Merchant character to be traveling quite often, and not stay at inns or anything, so there will be some simple survivals, health needs, cooking, perhaps more of a quick inventory thing, and upkeep of the vehicle to not get stranded.

Time Management
Try to always get to the town or village before dark in dangerous areas, things like that. Perhaps a more minor system.

We can talk about systems more when I find the programmer(s) interested.


If any of these systems sound interesting to you or possible, please contact me! I do not expect a single programmer to take on all these roles on at once, so apply to whatever you feel is your strong point. We can talk about things and work together to find who can be the best fit to what system.

I'd appreciate it if in your coding you can leave a note or two if there's something I'd need to input often, for example an enemy class, I can input the values, change the names and whatnot or easily add in a new item for the inventory without having to constantly bug you.

With all that said,

I have some drawn concepts and written information. I can email you all the information when we get in contact.

I do have a job that keeps me busy, so this project will not be very rushed on my part. I will keep in contact with those that apply as quickly as possible, as I still very much want this game to happen! Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

To Apply

Contact me at with an email titled with what you are offering, thank you. Showing any programming with Ren'py or Python you have would also be great. Thank you!

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