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We're looking for people to help the team develop a strategy game based on the principles of ancient, modern, and post modern chess for $321.00 bi-weekly pay, via paypal.

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While the project is similar to chess it isn't chess as you may know it. It's based on chess, but more precisely it is a strategy game with roots in chess, historic, new, and beyond. So rules, pieces, and boards are different.

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There is little charm to the game of chess, which is pretty much the goal for this project which will be very similar to real-team strategy games you may be used to, but with chess roots. It will still be turn-based to a point.

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The standard chess game only has 6 types of chess pieces, and 2 players, although some have 4 players with a large board, but I was looking into wanting to make a very massive board with various types of units per team. A game which would allow for up to 20 players.

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The chess maps will be varied and large. Kind of like a battle royal but for chess. Similar to Star Craft 2. However I do have story mode, or campaign mission style ambitions on something akin to a truly enormous board, digital of course.

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