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We are looking for concept artists, programmers, environment artist to help with the development of our game. We are currently in the pre-production phase of the project. We have the basic idea fleshed out and will be working to get the mechanics of the game completed before moving into the production phase. Current setting is confirmed, just need to bring the environment to life. We currently have 8+ characters that need concept art so that we can place it into the game design document for the production phase.

The goal of the project is to create a game with a 5-6 hour run time, maybe longer. Ideally the game will be made for PS4, but preferred multi-platform. The game will be created using Unreal Engine 4. After completing the pre-production aspects to a high quality, we will begin working on the prototype to get all of the functionality created. Most of the mechanics are idealized just need to be brought into the game. We will then start a Kickstarter to help generate income to finish the production aspect of the project.

Required Skill

Strong demonstrated background in illustration.
Concept Artist, programmer, and environment artist will work with the entire team to concept highly creative and visually compelling characters and environment. Illustrate a wide range of highly creative characters
Assemble reference materials to support the concept designs
Produce art ranging from rough thumbnails to clean line work to print quality images
Solid background in traditional arts, sketching and/or illustration
Enjoys working in a highly collaborative, quickly evolving team environment
Positive attitude and ability to receive and provide objective and constructive feedback
Provide initial ideas rapidly with rough illustrations and thumbnails
Ability to create clean orthographic drawings to be used a modeling guide for in-game asset creation when needed
Demonstrate a variety of character types

This project will be perfect if you are looking to gain experience creating concepts and receiving feedback from others. You will be able to use these concepts in your portfolio once the game is released. The intended release date is NA

This project is for profit share. This means that any money generated from game sales and Kickstarter will be split among all team members based on the amount of work is completed from that team member. Each member will also have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before any work is assigned.

To Apply

If interested please send an email to Along with a smal demonstration of your work

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