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Web/Other located London,UK.

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Thanks for viewing the Ad on IndieDB.

I am looking to form a studio with a small team focusing on mobile games to begin with. Move into PC gaming and if this transition is successful we will be looking to get published onto consoles. the ideal team size would be 6 people, Split into the mentioned areas of Game Development in the job title.

I am based in the UK as of writing this and would like to have team members located nearby for meet up and face to face interactions if possible depending on locations.

Please Note: This is a Profit sharing scheme. Contracts will be written up and agreed on founding members as I would like to start this off soon.

I would expect us to work on it during our free time and meet up during the weekends for team meetings.

In terms of Websites, social media pages would be developed and discussed with group and partners once the team have been formed.

Positions to Fill
1 Programmer - C# and/or JS and C++
1 Concept Artist - Realistic and Stylised is a must
1 Audio Designer

About Me:
I have a degree(s) in Video Game design and Computer Animation. I have worked in the industry as a QA Tester, 3D Artist and Animator and now would like to start my own studio. In total i have around 3 years in the field and have worked in AAA and Indie game studios. I am currently working on my portfolio and would like to get into the game dev field again as I enjoy the challenges that comes with it.

To Apply

Please send your CV and Portfolio and state if you would like to be a partner in which case we can set up a call to see if we can work together develop a studio.

Send your application to

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