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We are looking for team member for an in-development "Portal 2" mod, "Portal: Forever Testing".

This mod aims to be a "Celebration of what makes Portal, Portal."

Inspired by both the original Portal game and the beloved sequel, this mod aims to showcase the best of Portal, with a story planned to span the eras of both games.

We're also going to be adding some fresh new stuff to the mix, too.

The maps aim to be as highly detailed as possible, with rich environmental storytelling planned. In this mod, you will find new twists to familiar environmental themes, including the BTS areas which will be reworked as a coherent blend of Portal and Portal 2 styles.

We hope that as we continue development, you'll come along for the journey, as we create a whole new adventure set in the mysterious halls of Aperture Science Laboratories.

Portal: Forever Testing is in full development swing, but things are going slowly. Unfortunately, with a lot still left to do and a lot that is being done, we can not continue development at this speed without some additional helping hands. Although we've barely just begun; we're gonna need a little extra steam to get us going.

If you have experience creating maps for any source-engine game (especially Portal or Portal 2), we would love to have you on our team! that said, If you decide you would like to apply, we will need to see your previous best work. We will be sure to read every application we receive, and we will contact you if you seem fit for the job! and if anyone you know might be interested in working with us, please let them know about this opportunity!

There is one catch, however:

We are a small team of hobbyists and this is not our full-time job. As such, we cannot afford to pay- in other words, this is an un-payed volunteer position.

Additionally, If you apply for a mapper position and are selected, We will ask you to download a free file-syncing program so that we can collaborate better and get the needed game assets to you.

more information:

To Apply

Send screenshots, downloads, etc. of your Best mapping to me at:
or on the Fennecai Fox Creative official discord server at:

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