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Posted by h3xmode on

Hello programmers,

I'm an indie dev and have encountered a situation that I cannot solve.

I am making a platformer game with slopes and I need a partner follower to behave very similar to to the partner follower in DKC2. Except there is no interaction like "throw" or "partner up". The partner needs to copy the players movements closely but not enter certain states like like "roll" or "double jump". I am able to achieve this almost perfectly yet I keep running into bugs making me think I should retrace my steps. The method I have found working the best is passing array data via a list which is interpreted by the partner. So basically I use a method of AI following and exact copy co-ordinates. I'm just explaining this to give you insight into what I have tried.

Here are the things I need the partner to do:

  • Spawn from an object when the player collides with it (eg. barrel), then move to the following position
  • idle, jog, run, jump, fall
  • keep a certain distance from the player, about 32pixels behind the player's facing direction
  • follow approximately 15 frames behind the player
  • don't fall off edges unless the player does so
  • swap to player, player swap to partner when "select is pressed"
  • take over as player when the player dies

If you have experience in GM2 and are able to help me complete this task, please contact Joe in email with an estimated quote. I can send the project to you and get started. I would want this completed within a month of work. Although I don't expect it to take that long. Payment will be made once the task is completed and has been tested for bugs.

Thank you

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