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Programmers located Anywhere.

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Working on a 2.5D Platformer similar to Super Smash Bros Brawl's Subspace Emissary with RPG Elements and being made with the Unity Engine. Our projected playable demo is to be hopefully done by 2019 at the rate we're going, but the project will go beyond that as we continue to develop the story, characters and content to the game.

We also have a GDD (Game Design Document) needed in terms of our project so far, so if you want further details on our project, take a peek at our game doc here:

Must have time to contribute and work on the project until completion of the final project
Must have experience in level design and the Unity Engine
Must be willing to work well with others
If you have multiple talents, that will be very good for further contribution

If you wish to join us, add and message KaiserLeospike#5001 on discord or contact for futher information and await further discussion, you will be given questions and if you have a portfolio, please share it so that I may check for proof, because no one likes a scammer

IMPORTANT: Our Project currently has no recurring funds, so your payment will be done through Profit/Revenue Share

You will also be given a test thats required to be done bi-weekly (2-weeks)

Level Designers: You are given the task to greybox and recreate an existing level from another video game for a skeleton/sandbox for our programmers

Programmers: Work on a placeholder movement test, using a block that is programmed to move left or right, jump, and additional interactions..

To Apply

add and message KaiserLeospike#5001 on discord or contact with portfolio provided and wait for further information and await further discussion

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