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Here at Mitrech we are always looking for talented and experienced 3D Artists to join our team. We are on a mission of creating and helping people achieve their Visual goals when it comes to Computer Graphics.

We believe that the act of creation is the most beautiful thing a human being can do, and so, with the help of our technical skills, we love creating incredible, beautiful looking sceneries out of absolutely nothing. We also love using our abilities to help different customers achieve what they're looking for when it comes to Computer Graphics, be it for Video Games, 3D Renders, Animations, and many more.
At Mitrech you are playing God, creating beautiful out of nothing.

We are now looking for a 3D Artist to work on a real life Bicycle-Riding Simulation, with real routes from all over the world. You would be in charge of creating different props and buildings that would sit next to the road the players will be riding on. You should be comfortable with Modeling, UV unwrapping, and PBR Texturing of 3D assets. No vehicles will be needed to be modeled.

- Modeling, UV unwrapping and PBR Texturing of 3D assets
- Work with Google Maps, traveling the route that's being developed and create 3D assets from what you see
- Create Texture Atlases with custom textures (mostly various signs you see on the road or on buildings)
- Keeping your assets pretty low-poly; this project is not aiming for extremely accurate details of the models, the riders won't be able to look at them in detail as they ride past them

- 3D modeling and UV unwrapping assets; use whatever 3D package you're comfortable with, as long as it exports FBX
- PBR Texturing of created assets

This job is paying monthly based on a daily fee.

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Please send an email to with your portfolio, your daily asking-for fee, and any other questions you might have.

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