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we are a friendly, small, german indie team (actual 8 people [3 QA-Testers,2 community managers,1 programmer 1 Sound designer and 1 creative head]) with a love on horror and shooter games. We are currently searching for a 3d modeler who can make all the objects we need and texture them for our actual game "Psychiatrix" Its a horror game.
The idea of the story is:

Human vs infected monsters. When the monster bites you, they infect you and you slowly turn to a monster yourself. The story centers around a person who gets infected. Her/his task is to run around an asylum to find a cure. She/he is being guided by a friend on a radio. As the game progress, the person becomes more and more infected. As they get more infected, they start to understand the monster’s language. They start to see the monster as human and such. They start to understand them. But the minute she/he finds a cure and become fully human, they see the monsters as monsters again, and just kills them. The story is about how humans are slaves to their circumstances. They dont change unless the circumstances allow them to. So, when the protagonist was turning into a monster, she/he could relate to them. But when he/she became human again, they instantly lose that connection and revert back to their normal views.

But the big contra is that we can't pay for your work. We don't earn any money with the game yet. We would be ready to donate for you when we make money.

You should:
- have good communication skills (english or german)
- be able to describe complex interrelations in writing
- friendly to other people
- a basic interest in computer software

If you want to see some screenshots and more informations about our game, you can visit the game's shopsite:

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