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Basic Info

Looking for people to fill the Art Department for upcoming title. We aleady have some people working on the game, programmers are working very hard and the art team is starting to produce assets. We want a very talented team so please apply if you are interested.

The game is a medieval first person role playing game, all single player and open world. Inspirations

3D Environment Artist

• Intermediate: Knowledge of the standard modeling softwares (Maya, Max, Modo)
• Intermediate: Knowledge how to use standard sculpting softwares (ZBrush, Mudbox)
• Can create extremely detailed high poly models if necessary with proper shading
• Can create detail low poly models if necessary
• Are extremely good a UV mapping; also maximizing UV space.

Texture Artist

• Intermediate: Knowledge of standard texturing software (Substance Painter or Designer)
• Intermediate: Knowledge of Photoshop
• Having the ability to create photo-realistic textures using PBR materials

Rigger / Animator

• Intermediate: Knowledge of the animation pipeline
• Intermediate: Level of skill when it comes to dealing with rigs
• Can identify problems and can work around them

Character Artist

• Intermediate: Knowledge how to use standard sculpting softwares (ZBrush, Mudbox)
• Intermediate: Knowledge of the character creation pipeline


VAGA Studios as an overall team is sick of the lack of artistic quality of indie games, our past experience
with projects all seem to conclude to the same disappointing outcomes. Unfortunately its becoming a
occurring problem within the community, with unfinished projects, terrible leaders, and just bad art in
general. So we as a team want to change this notion and set the bar for quality in the current state of
indie game development.

To Apply

Email: with the following...

1. Name
2. Portfolio link
3. What will you contribute towards the project

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