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Hey you! You're an animator right? Do you like bringing dead, soulless characters to life? Making things move in interesting and realistic ways? Rigging!?

Help us bring this monstrosity to life and more!

Well this might be the position for you then. Here at Black Clover Games we are looking for a few talented animators to bring our characters to life in our first game currently in development titled "The Trip" which is about a woman (whom you play as) that wakes up unbeknownst to her in a pathogen/outbreak containment center deep underground. You quickly discover you are not safe, there are monsters lurking about and you need to escape. You'll be navigating various environments consisting of tight corridors to multi-leveled rooms to large cavernous spaces. All the while dodging nefarious traps each uniquely designed to either impede or outright end your advancement. As well as avoiding (and possibly fighting) enemies along the way.

If you're are an animator looking to apply for this position which need I remind you is a rev-share opportunity. It is imperative that you know, understand, and can execute the principles of animation, most importantly being

  • Timing
  • Anticipation
  • Exaggeration
  • Follow through and overlapping action
  • Secondary action

It would also be wonderful if you can rig as we are looking for people who can advise us when creating asymmetrical designs.

If you're interested shoot us an email over at (yes we changed our name and we're sticking to it.) and please provide examples of your work otherwise you won't even be considered.

Thank you for reading. We can't wait to hear from you!

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