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You are looking for a motivated team to join, that is active and will not abandon any time soon? You know how to make 3D models, create 2D textures or animate 3D models? You are looking to improve? We are the right indie team for you.

Who are we?

We are a small indie game development team that is working on its first release for over seven months. Currently our team consists of one programmer and one artist that is doing all artist work at the moment.

Why us?

We are already working on our first release for seven months, so you will join a team that knows what it wants and is constantly improving. We will do our best to support you to get into the project and together we will be able to create amazing things. Also, we already have something to show:

Your Requirements:

- Basic Knowledge how to create 3D Models or 2D Textures

- Will to improve

- Good English Skills to communicate with each other

- You should at least have 2-3 hours time per week

- (Optional) Knowledge with Blender

- (Optional) Knowledge with Unity 3D

- (Optional) Working Microphone

To Apply

(Preferred) Join our Discord server and go to the recruit channel:

Or write an e-mail to:

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