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In need of a developer, goldsrc/source prefered!

We've made a modification/custom gamemode running on a CS Condition Zero server and would like to port it to a stand-alone.


10 players
10 rounds
Quick matching
server browser

For details about this gamemode, message me/mail me:
Discord: Klaus#3099

Only serious/interested/postive messages!

About gamemode:
Recreation Stand-Alone (goldSRC/Source preffered) game of the mod "Trouble in Terrorist Town"!

Simple explanation of the game:

Trouble in Terrorist Town is a psychological action game where players are divided into Innocents, Detectives and Traitors. This gamemode is extremely popular on Gmod!

>> Traitors

A traitor is shown as an Innocent to everyone, except for other traitors. Their goal is to eliminate all the innocents and detectives without getting caught and killed.

>> Detectives

A detective is a proven innocent who has access to special equipment to find out who the traitors are. They are a high-profile target for Traitors.

>> Innocents

Innocents have to survive and use the process of elimination to figure out who the Traitors are, and kill them.

Why this recreation?

The gamemode is currently on Gmod and I've seen games could take up to 20 mins, too much enhancements that were creating a "lame" twist to it all. Voice spams, too much noises etc are destroying the game. My goal here is to recreate the thrilling experience that it used to be back in the days.

My goal is to create a stand-alone free game, with a focus on matchmaking and the monetizing feature of only cosmetics.


I want to create categories of maps/environments/weapons. Example:

- Terrorists:
Arabic/dusty environments with weapons like AK47, deagles, galils, scouts and terrorist-models.

American/office environments with weapons like M4a1, usps, m16's etc and Fbi agent-models.

- Roman/Medieval:
Medieval environments (castles/forrests) with weapons like Swords/ Xbows, catapults and medieval/roman models.

- Pirates:
Ships/island environments with weapons like daggers, musketoons, muskets and pirate-models

Many more, but you'll get the picture.


To Apply

Discord: Klaus#3099

(discord preffered)

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