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Thank you for considering this job role.

The project we're working on is a 3D Episodic Horror game that's made within the Tim Burton art style. The game will be released in a series of Episodes, episode 1 being bundled with the game. Our current state of the game is early days but we have developers and teams working overtime. The company right now is filled with team members who are doing this voluntarily however that will change once the games official release as we'll have the money from the campaign and sales to be able to pay our staff the money they deserve.

We're looking for talented 3D Animators to help animate our beautiful 3D Models. They must have some valid experience with partaking a job as a 3D Animator. The beauty and perfection of the level design are key to making our game's story succeed. We have very intricate enemies that need to be animated to a fine art. Not all animations are just generic, most will be new, unique non-recyclable animations.

// What we want from you
- Passionate about level design and games and affinity for the horror genre
- Understanding of level and environmental design
- Ability to communicate and follow directions
- Comfortable working with a multinational team via the internet (Discord)
- Generally creative and curious
- No previous experience required

// What we would love from you
- Experience on past projects as a level designer
- 3D Modeling knowledge
- Strong video game culture
- Tim Burton Design Knowledge
- Unity Engine Knowlege

// Responsibilities
- Work with the game designers and concept artists to create a rich open world experience
- Work with the 3D artists to create high-quality model sheets for production

I look forward to reading your applications!

-Satellite 27 Team

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