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Level Designers located Anywhere, USA Preference.

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Hello there, avid job seeker! I invite you, my friend, to help us make our wonderful little game here at Evermore Shores.

As mentioned before in the title of this video, we're trying to make a classic styled horror game, reaching deep into the roots of survival horror. Not only do we want to make a game from this dead genre, we also want to have the graphical limitations that came with those games because of the consoles they were released on. When we mean classic, we mean third person camera angles, combat, puzzles, stuff you would expect from a Resident Evil and similar. You can check out the game on our IndieDB page, if you want to get more info.

You got a slight concept of what we are trying to achieve, Now it's time to talk about the requirements for this!

- Has previously worked on a Game before
- Has more than a years worth of experience making levels
- Has a nifty imagination
- Over 18 Years of Age
- Uses program that does not require liscensing
~ Discord Account

Those are the requirements, but we'll talk to you to make sure we get and understanding of your skills. In general, most levels will not have more than 500 polys/faces, which you most likely won't reach, in some cases we will let it go higher to 800 polys/faces, but we'd rather not. Now we got that out of the way, since I'm a pretty nice guy, I'll give you a list of all of the major levels in the game, and trust me on this, it seems like a lot but it is not as bad as you may think, we're going pretty easy but not too easy where it's absolute garbage.

- Beach/Forest Level. A small wooden dock on the beach and trails in the forest that lead to...

- Quaint House/Backyard/Shed. The exterior of the house is part of the Forest Level, but the interior is a separate level, it's the second smallest level, with the first smallest being the Shed which is pretty much part of the level.

- Tower/Courtyard Level. A pretty big tower (biggest level in terms of stuff to do) and a courtyard where you enter the tower, 4 floors, many rooms, very spooky. Leads too...

- Plains/Amusement Park. The last part of the game, it's pretty big, but isn't as consuming as the tower. It's pretty much the entrance, and the center of the park. Nothing too hard, compared to the Tower level.

So that's all of the major levels, we have some secret levels but that is for later. ;)
That pretty much wraps up what you're going to be doing. Now let's talk about money. There will be a 300 USD payment after you have finished ALL levels we need to complete this game. (Bonus 100-200 USD if you are able to texture the levels, with CUSTOM textures, not ones of a CGTextures or websites like that.) You might also know me to be a nice and generous guy, so there might be a revenue share if I feel like you earned it.

We hope to see you on the team!

To Apply

Send an email to Must include a Resume/Website/Blog, and if you do not have either of those just send examples of what you have done previously.

Anywhere, USA Preference
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