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Programmers located Houston.

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Imagine a vast world in an overgrown technological wasteland, where nothing natural is grown, and danger can lurk around every corner. A world where a little child is skilled in advanced computer programming and robotics, but knows nothing of agricultural and leisure methods in the past. This world is a wild west of sorts, as the rule of law has largely been divided up and the people each cling to makeshift societies based off of their technological prowess and skills.

Hello , my name is Jacob Neal and along with my brother, Cameron, we have started our lifelong dream of creating a multimedia entertainment company. Our company is called Cool Comic Creations, and we have made small games and comics with each other over the years. About 2 years ago, we decided to turn our company into a more formal enterprise with our first ever team production on a major project which we have finished earlier this year.

Now, we seek to work on a new project, a racing game set in the far flung future where machines and science run rampant. This game takes place in a single location, where the player must race several interesting villainous racers using simple controls with a lot of depth. The player’s ultimate goal will be to race and defeat the final boss.

The game will be focused on mobile platforms and have a gameplay emphasis on action and replayability as players who want to beat their friends’ times and scores, and hone their skills, would seek to master the deceptively simplistic but fast paced gameplay, involving drifting, boosting, ramming and a plethora of customizable weapons.

Our goal is to build a very qualitative and fun demo that encompasses the core mechanics of the game with appealing artwork and animations to showcase the interesting setting and story of this post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, world.

We hope to find those that will be willing to help us with the programming of the core mechanics that we need for the games, working with us and perhaps other more specialized programmers as you lead and coordinate with them, and also those that might be very interested and enthusiastic about high octane racing mechanics as well as smart and challenging AI.

Once we have a small tech demo finished that we feel represents slice of the full game, we plan to shop around for potential investors or proceed into a crowdfunding campaign in order to garner funds for a full-fledged monetized production.

If this project sounds appealing to you, we hope you can join us and help bring this passion project to life and gain the capital and care we believe it needs to be successful.

I hope that those of you who are talented and skilled in programming of action games truly do consider joining our team on this project.

Thank you for your time and if you would like to know more you can contact me here,

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Message me at or contact me at Jacob Neal on Unity Connect.

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