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Hi, I'm Argen, and I am the community manager for Krypnoda Studios. Right now we are working on our first game, known as Legends of an Ancient City: Into the Depths. It will be focused around a rogue like dungeon setting, but where you need to use your terrain against the several monsters you will face.

What we need is a graphic artist to design our cover art, concept art, and logos. They need to be at least relatively experienced, and they need to post examples of their art before we hire them.

We also need a moderator for social media such as twitter, google+, Facebook, and maybe even Instagram. They need to be ready to face up against spammers, trolls, and, in some cases, editors that post offensive or incorrect stuff on wikis or forums. They need to deal with it calmly, but with a iron hand when it comes to a real problem. Next, we need programmers that are good at AI, arraying, and more of the complicated things in Unity.

Lastly, we need a very user of blender that makes low-poly characters and creatures. All of you will be paid with revenue share post-launch, so make your work good before we get paid, and you may get paid a lot.

If you have any questions or want to join, don't be afraid to make it detailed when you email me at Preferably be able to use Skype so we can talk as a team. Otherwise, this is Argen Hammerstone, I hope some people want to join, and farewell.

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