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Have you ever wanted to be a part of a mod? Well, now is your chance! You can fill out this application and be a part of the team of Aperture Science Laboratories: A Portal 2 Mod! (

We are looking for various jobs from Custom Mechanics, Voice Actors, Music Composers, and more! If you're a good Hammer map maker that wants to be a part of something big, take the application! Can you make cool 3D source compatible models? Take the application! Good at programming mods? Application! Anyone is welcome to take the application! If you get passed it, you will be sent an invite to the steam group. When the mod is passed greenlight, you and/or your work will be in a mod!

Comments, Questions, or Concerns? Please leave theme here and we will try to respond to you. ( Official playtesters are also needed, but not at the moment. 2016 Fred Entertainment

To Apply

To apply, simply finish this application, and you may become a part of the team! Link for application:

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