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just with bf 1942 mods, i can create a complete new idea for a new way to have fun.. seeing is believing !!

some details :
look like "Gundam RX-78" anime(..), we can change all standard vehicles movements, like tanks can jump (the most heavy) or little flying (others) and have starts with catapult over the carriers (like gundam of course), ships havent gravitational attraction, then they can stay stopped in the air, obviously same inertia movement, exc..
NOTICE THAT : like today only submarines can go under the waters,
BUT in air (they can stay like ships) if they go "under", they disappear and not visible, only destroyers can catch with :
a 3-D radars (of course ! : but it simple and easy with 2 "standard" radars at 90 degrees.. )
laser shots (linear, not "parabolic" shots..) gunners, rockets,
SOLDIERS with Powerfull "jet-Pack" to fly high if necessary (flying carriers, exc..)
and others things...

at least, we can name this mod "BF-Universal Century(78)" for ex...
almost the SAME things are (Better, probably..) with an old, "parallel" world in "1919-1939 WW3" (world war 3), with flyng carriers airship and big Zeppelins, jet packs, and standard wwi planes, very "romantic" battles in the middle of the clouds, and very funny !!!

Thank You for the Attention
Ivan Storchi

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