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Hi there!

We are looking for amazing people to collaborate on an action RPG.
It will be built with Unreal Engine.

The project is currently rev-share, however, we are working on getting it paid asap (in fact we have already created the business plan and we also approached a couple of investors). We also started approaching publishers. By any means, we also are considering an option to launch the campaign on Kickstarter. Once we secure the funding, the work will be paid.

We are looking for the following roles to expand our team :

1) Programmers with knowledge in Unreal Engine and C++
2) Level designers and Environment artists (Level Art)
3) Game Designer (who will be helping our lead designer with managing the departments and tasks)
4) Art : 3d Modeller, Concept Artist, Texturing artist, Rigging

If you feel that your role is not mentioned, but you would love to help - reach out and we will discuss.

Here's the brief idea, however, I will be happy to discuss more via email to or Discord: Rtyrolia#4158 ; Alternatively you can reach out to Blake#1892 or via .

A little bit about the team - Our lead team leads range with experience starting from 5 years and up to 20 years in their areas. Our Lead Art has got 20 years of experience in CGI ; our Lead Game Designer has got 15 years experience in the game development industry and has worked at BioWare on such games as the Dragon Age series ; our Lead Programmer has 3 years + experience in Unreal Engine (before that he was a software developer).

To Apply

To Apply

Send resumes or portfolios via email to or let's have a chat on Discord: Rtyrolia#4158 ; Alternatively you can reach out to Blake#1892 or via

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