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Looking for people who know how to put together an indie game to volunteer for my upcoming indie project, "project iron wolf" a werewolf themed game that revolves around a steampunk setting.
The work will be on a volunteer basis and requires heads who can put together an idea, help with teamwork, have any knowledge in gaming software and don't mind working with the most brilliant and amazing man on the planet.
Should it turn out top notch i'll see if it can be sold to steam to turn a profit, but otherwise needs to be treated as a non-profit for the fun of it thing.
i already have two youtube remixers who have experience with videogame music on my team, and two others i correspond with, one in the UK and the other in south korea.
Right now my vision needs more coordination than it currently has, more focus.
It doesn't help that i don't actually know what i'm doing, but i have the drive and can get a project focused once i have enough people coordinated. I have excellent leadership skills, am very creative, and my writing capabilities are second to none.
It has always been my dream to create videogames, i just need a starter team who can help make my vision a reality.
Until i generate income however, I must stress that this is on a volunteer basis and the project as it is, is subject to change due in part to collective team collaboration.

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