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Posted by uengineer on

Project Name: Birth of Death
Genre: Adventure/Story
Engine: Unreal Engine
Art/Style: Stylized (like No Mans Sky/ Journey)

General Description:
I am a Game Designer, Programmer and the Creative Director for this project. I really love games which are telling a story. After long brainstorming, there was the idea to create Birth of Death, the concept of the game changed a lot over the time, but I think now it's time to share it. My main responsibility will be to create great game mechanics and a good game design as well a good art style for the game. Also I will programm everything for now! I love this project and I would like to bring this project to live with your help.

Project Description:
Birth of Death is game which is handling the difficult concept behind birth and death, the player will play an unknown character. You will find a mysterious sphere and it looks like the sphere will need your help. The goal is to bring this sphere to the light which the player will see on the horizon. For the player it will be a emotional and crazy but also a lovable journey.

Job Description:
Have a good understanding of form and function with an eye for lovable design.
Collaborate with the Creative Director to create his vision
Create stunning environmental art
Create stunning character art

Please provide a portfolio!
(You will need to sign a NDA, because you will get the Game Design Document)

I offer:

flexible working hours
You will get a fair Rev-Share
Bonus Shares
A lovable and great project!
Your position can turn to a full time position.

I will respond to you within 24h, after that we can talk a little bit, make a small art test and talk about the game.

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