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Artists located United Kingdom.

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*This is not an employment offer but an opportunity to join a great project as a collaborator.

Hello, we are a small team in the UK working on a Japanese style rpg for the pc and hopefully for android devices also. We are looking for a committed concept artist to join our tight nit team, you will be responsible for the following:

- Drawing and Painting great concepts for all aspects of the game including characters and vehicles.

- Must also be able to provide front/side view of these concepts also to assist the lead artist.

We would also prefer someone within the United Kingdom but it is not

All we ask is that you agree to transfer copyright ownership to the project, in order to protect our game and make it unique. Any concept work you do will be allowed to be displayed in a portfolio.

As we are intending to make this a commercial game, there is a possibility of receiving payment for any contributions made. But we don't want to make false promises.

Unlimited creative freedom
Fun project to work on
No deadlines
Great opportunity to improve or add to your portfolio

There may be no money involved at the end

Here is a little about Pilgrim RPG:

"...with great power comes great paranoia; the fear of losing it."

An underground research group is being hunted by a magical authority desperate to retain its power in the modern age. Somehow, Noelle is caught up in the political struggle resulting in her mysterious disappearance. Despite lacking the strength of warriors and the magical power of witches, her friends Sethran and Kyota are determined to find her.

Pilgrim is an RPG aimed at those who feel let down by incredibly shiny graphics, but neglected storyline and gameplay.

*Here are some screenshots of our development so far, please not that these are development shots and are not the final product.

Thank you
Mr Scott John Mansfield - Lead Artist for Pilgrim RPG

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