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Greetings Artists,

We are Rikindle Studios, a studio currently working on a Top Down Shooter game that has comic feel to it, we are looking for artists experienced in the a comic style or similar, the artist will be required to compose between two elements, the old NES games style and the comic style, this could be expressed verbally as an 80's Japanese manga drawing style with colors.

We are done prototyping the game and currently working on the levels, the job is unpaid, but the artist will get his share from the profit once the game starts being deployed on various markets. Terms could be negotiated with the artist later.

Required from those who seek to participate with our studio :

1- Ability to draw characters with an art style similar to the 80's Japanese manga/comic styles.

2- Ability to draw guns/weapons and other small props in the same style, the artist will be given every single details about how these weapons look, and should have an ability to follow guidelines.

3- The Artist should understand and recognize how the old NES games looked.

4- Finally, the Artist is required (the most important) to draw simple
comic scenes (black and white) with usually 2 shots for each scene .

If you think you are up to the job and this is your first time working
on any game, you are welcomed to join us, usually your work will be within few weeks period only, for generally speaking, there are only
7 characters in the game and a handful of scenes.


Rikindle Studios.

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