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We are looking for skilled developers for the development of the Czech indie game CityLine: Transport Simulator. We are definitely looking for a programmer, sound designer and graphic artist who can also create models. We also need a person who is able to lead the whole project. So something like Team leader. Such a person must be able to manage the whole project and also have some experience. For example, they need to know exactly what people we need. So far, I am doing the game myself, so far I have a finished model of the tram and a detailed description of the game. And sorry my bad english. I'm from Czech Republic:)

Description of game:

Tram, bus and trolleybus simulator taking place in the city of Brno and adjacent Modřice. The city with an area of ​​230.18 km² lies at the confluence of the rivers Svratka and Svitava, has approximately 381 thousand inhabitants and its metropolitan area has about 600 thousand inhabitants. The inhabitants of Brno are also served by an extensive system of public transport, which consists of a network of trams, trolleybuses and buses. So far, however, there is no simulator that would depict this South Moravian metropolis and, together with it, the entire comprehensive public transport system. CityLine will therefore try to bring a truly comprehensive experience with simulator lovers with trams, buses, trolleybuses and the beauties of the South Moravian metropolis of Brno. The CityLine simulator will be enjoyed not only by experienced "transporters", but also by complete novices in the simulator genre. Legendary trams Tatra T3, KT8D5, trolleybus 14Tr and other legendary means of transport of Brno public transport will pass through Brno on your screens. This game is the first act of the new small Czech studio EniX Studios. So do not hesitate and join the transport company of the city of Brno. Passengers are already waiting for you!

Prototype content:
-Tram KT8D5 (including cabin, interior and sound system)
-Half of line 1 (Ečerova - Výstaviště -Main entrance)
-AI transport + trams
-Small tutorial

Contents of the main functions at the time of release (assumption only, may change dramatically):
- depot (the player will be able to start his shift in the depot / depot)
-Shift selection (player can drive whenever he wants, timetables are dynamic and have no fixed scenario)
-Random events in the city and in cars (accidents, drunk / aggressive / indecent passengers, etc.)
-Several well-modeled trams and buses
-A functioning city with AI traffic, pedestrians and everything the city should have
-Reporting in all cars

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