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Hello future employee! Let's get straight the point.

We are a developing a horror game called Bodies Filled with Flowers. Short for, Where Angels Have Bodies Filled with Flowers. It's long and incredibly exotic for a game title on purpose. That's why we use the shorter version to refer to the game even though it's not the full title.

Bodies Filled with Flowers is a psychological survival horror game. The game is set to release First Quarter 2021. It is based around other horror titles of sixth generation consoles (Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Siren, Rule of Rose, etc...) . All game mechanics have been finished, therefore we only need art to progress.

Best way to describe how it feels to play this game is this little audio clip.

The game's story follows Emily, who find something that changes her entire life forever, forcing her to run away from home in search of something, the more she finds it, the more she loses herself, not being able to know what is real and what is fake, and slowly starts to lose everything she remembers.

Everything becomes hazy as I collapse on the side of a railway, the light gets dimmer and my vision gets blurry. I lay on the floor and I close my eyes. I open my eyes, and I am looking at myself from above. I watch as my body slowly turn to dust and flowers growing over my corpse. I'll love you till my blood leaks from my body. It's not too late.

One day this will become a reality. I will play out everything without knowing, and it will be too late. I will relive my dream as reality. Everything single decision I make will be a mistake, for it will all lead up to this. There is nothing I can do...

I am afraid.


  • 1-2 Years of Experience
  • 18 or Older
  • Worked on Game Before

Real simple, even simpler taking into account that you're not making a modern model, you're making something you would see in a late PS2 or Gamecube game. There are only 5 mandatory models you have to make. In quality of model, think of Silent Hill 3, Rule of Rose (Especially), etc... Look up game play for all of those games, compared to what we do now they are quite simple! We are downgrading, but it will (hopefully) help make the game better. These are for cinematic but we are not asking for the quality that the FMVs in those types of games used! We're asking for in game quality models of Sixth Gen Consoles (PS2, Gamecube).

You get 20% per sale, lifetime. As well as Revenue Share, we will pay per model, how much though, we will discuss together! We will increase everything to be higher if you can texture the model.

We can't wait to see what you bring to the table!

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