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Calling All Interested Research Associates
Do you think that a friend, relative, or yourself would make a valuable addition to the Tripmine team?
The Tripmine team is looking to expand and bring on new, talented individuals to join us in recreating the classics "Half-Life Opposing Force" and "Half-Life Blue Shift".


As a Character artist, you will help reimagine the classic chracter and creatures from the Half-Life universe in HD detail.
From sculpting to texturing, the design of flora and fauna of the Black Mesa Research Facility and Xen will rest on your shoulders.


• Sculpting high-poly 3D organic models for humanoids and diverse monsters.
• Baking high-poly models to game ready low poly assets.• Texturing models produced so they are compatible with the Source Engine.
• Manage multiple 3D models at any point in time.
• Work closely with game designers, animators, and programmers to creatively solve problems as they arise in thedevelopment cycle of game mechanics and entities.
• Troubleshooting of animation problems as they arise.


• Able to create both high and low poly organic 3D models.
• Able to texture models created to a professional level for use in the Source Engine.
• Skill level threshold requirement is that of official HL2 models, although BMS skill level is also a good reference.
• Familiar with source control (SVN, Git, or equivalent).
• Experience with Maya, 3DS max, Blender, or equivalent modeling software.
• Experience with Photoshop or equivalent 2D texturing software.
• Ability to create clean UV maps for models created, which are readable by other team members.
• Dedicated and able to work with a team.
• Previous experience in 3D modeling 2D texturing (samples and portfolio pieces are REQUIRED).
• Experience with the Source Engine (branch does not matter) is a big plus.
• Experience with the Hammer World Editor (branch does not matter) is a big plus.
• Ability to put in regular hours to accomplish tasks as required.

To Apply

If passionate about the Half-Life universe, send an application to Please, include your resume and samples of your previous works related to the position you are applying for.Please note all positions offered currently are not paid positions.

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