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Hi guys,

I manage a modification for the Source engine called International Online Soccer: Source ( The game is gearing up for it's version 2 release, which is set to be a huge overhaul of the game, to bring the game to a new audience and expand on its existing playerbase. The game is a third person soccer/football game in which you play online with players from around the world, typically in 6 vs 6 matches. The game has been around almost a decade now!

We're a small team and we're ideally looking for an enthusiastic guy or two to come aboard and do some work for us. We need:

- A character model rigger
- A character animator


- Someone who can both rig and animate the model

The model is complete, though unrigged and animated, so that's where you guys would come in. We're looking for a basic rig (no need for fancy facial rigging!) for the model which has various submodels for variation (black/white/asian heads with various hairstyles and other characteristics), though of course there will be only one shared skeleton.

This position is unpaid - none of us get paid for working on the mod - and we're hopefully looking for someone who either has worked in a mod team before, or is at university and wants to get some practice in, or just anyone who wants to help a small team!

You can see a video of the new player model at

Please get in touch if you think you could help, or know someone that can! My e-mail address is


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If you think you can help, send me an e-mail over to

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