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Diamond Games currently has one spot at the moment for a character animator for UE4.

We are working on a new style of game in a genre of "FPS/RTS/Moba/Tower Defense Hybrid" in UE4.

We are searching for someone capable of fixing our character animations (we are using animsets from asset packs at the moment) And we need someone that can utilize our resources to help bring these characters to the next level. We are searching for someone with a passion for games and an interest in learning new tools. We've been working on this game for approximately two years and we're at a point that we need to bring in additional people to help push us through. We are working on a rev-share model which we can discuss. The important thing to note is we're all professionals and we are dedicated in seeing this project through. We meet once a week for about an hour to get assignments and general updates. The game is currently being wired in for Steam and we are looking to get it compatible via Console as well. The quality of game we're building is AAA utilizing 512x512-> 8K materials.

You can read information about the game here:

Good Luck, and please do NOT forget to include your resume.


~Rusty (Developer)

Diamond Games

To Apply

While everyone is welcome to apply, we note that there are only a few spots available. We also encourage applicants to submit samples of your work, as well as any links to your online portfolios. If you are not an animator but still have something to offer, drop us a line and we can discuss.

To Apply, please email: rusty @ dmdgames . com

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